Turtle Reef Kayaking

Turtle Reef Kayaking :    $ 110  Aud

Half Day

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Born of the spirit for adventure

Each day our expert guides will introduce you to sections of this spectacular coastline, including tropical islands, secluded beaches, fringing coral reef and unparalleled wildlife adventures.

The views of the Rainforest, (the oldest rainforest in the World) and mist shrouded mountains are breathtaking. 

Green Turtle’s are common basking in the sun, Dolphins are regularly  seen early in the morning.  Magnificent Sea Eagles are also  encountered gliding on the thermals around the headlands.

Morning tea, all equipment plus experienced guide included.


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Dawn over the Coral Sea, perfect time out on the water
Relax and enjoy the views
Giant Clam taken by Alex Pawlow, recently on a kayak tour
Rafting up the kayaks
Papuan Frog Mouths (Podargus papuensis) resting for the day,  guest photo 2018
Cocky Apple FNQ region
Enjoying kayaking the coast
The beach

A special kind of freedom

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